Hiring A Gutter Cleaning Service

Properly maintaining your gutters can have one of the biggest impacts on keeping your home safe from potential water damage. One of the most important components of proper gutter maintenance is gutter cleaning. Having clean gutters will help to optimize the drainage system which can help to ensure your home doesn’t suffer from the various costly pitfalls associated with malfunctioning gutters including but not limited to roof leaks and foundation cracks. Hiring a professional gutter cleaning service can help to ensure that the task isn’t overlooked and that it is done the right way.

Why You Must Use A Professional Gutter Cleaning Service:

Not routinely cleaning your gutters can lead to disaster. While gutters do a good job when they are fully cleaned, it can become very easy for gutters to get clogged with all kinds of debris. When gutter’s primary function is inhibited because of a build-up of debris, it can lead to overflowing water which can present big problems to your entire home. Not only can it result in roof leaks from having stagnant water sitting on your roof, but it can cause water to seep into your siding, basement, and even the concrete surrounding your home. Even worse, it can seep into your home’s foundation which can present serious problems with the structural integrity of your home. Likewise, having clogged and poorly maintained gutters is likely to result in weighing your gutters down and eventually requiring gutter repair altogether.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Gutter Cleaning Service

As you can see above, hiring a professional cleaning service for your gutters can offer numerous benefits.

1. Proper Maintenance

Perhaps the greatest benefit of hiring a professional service is the ability to hire someone that knows the in’s and out’s of gutter systems. While you might be able to do the mundane task of clearing out the obvious debris in your gutters, a professional will know exactly what to look for when they are cleaning and inspecting the entire system. Thus, they can identify potential underlying issues or pitfalls that are likely to cause you issues in the future. They will be able to inspect the gutter system in order to check for signs of damage and anything that is likely to cause issues with the operation of the gutter system which can end up saving you money.

2. Greater Efficiency

Hiring a professional company will allow you to take full advantage of their ability to do it with greater efficiency. Because you will be hiring a company with experience on their side, they are going to have the added advantage of knowing what to look for, troublesome areas to check out, how to clean it efficiently, and more. What would take you a long time to accomplish will only take a professional a fraction of the time. When it comes to optimizing the performance or correcting issues with your gutter system, time is very important. After all, it doesn’t take much to begin to experience the negative consequences of having a poorly functioning gutter system.

How Much Is Professional Cleaning Service Near Me?

When it comes to figuring out how much you can expect to pay for the professional service, a lot of it comes down to the overall size and scope of the job. Determining how much square feet they have to clean is a key factor in determining the total cost. Likewise, the location and the difficulty of the gutter cleaning can be deciding factors in determining the total cost of the job. It really doesn’t matter what type of gutters you have whether it be seamless or sectional as far as pricing for the cleaning service is concerned. According to Home Advisor, the national average for professional gutter cleaning services is sitting at anywhere between $118 to $225 [1]. Single story homes are typically on the lower end of the spectrum and two-story homes are usually higher. Whereas, three-story homes are even higher. Usually cleaning services will charge on a per linear ft pricing model with the service being priced at $2 per linear ft for two-story homes and $1 per linear ft for single-story homes [2].

How Often Should I Pay For Gutter Cleaning Services?

Typically, you want to get your gutters professionally cleaned either once or twice per year. The frequency by which you need to clean your gutters will primarily be dictated by the area in which your home is located. For instance, if you are in an area that has a lot of rainfall, you are going to be in a much greater need for bi-annual maintenance on your gutters than someone that is located in an area with much less rainfall. By avoiding gutter cleaning, you will quickly find yourself dealing with clogging and leaks that you would otherwise not have to deal with.

At What Time Of The Year Should I Have Them Cleaned?

The very best time to check on your gutters and to ensure they are in proper working condition is usually during fall. It is during this time when a lot of gutters get heavy debris build-up from leaves accumulating from the surrounding trees. This is a critical point to engage in routine gutter maintenance and cleaning because avoidance of doing so can lead to all kinds of issues that could easily be avoided. Therefore, you really want to focus on getting professional cleaning to prepare your home for the winter months where heavy snow precipitation is expected.

A pro cleaning service is going to give you comprehensive gutter cleaning. You will get not only a gutter cleaning, but you will also get downspout cleaning services at the same time. This will ensure that your entire gutter system is function properly which is key. Hiring a professional service for bi-annual or annual gutter cleaning can help you rest easy knowing that your gutters are putting your home in the best possible position to avoid having to deal with water damage and other common and costly issues. Routine gutter cleaning is not a necessarily costly service and it can prove to provide significant returns on your investment when you factor in the preventative benefits that it can offer you. Being able to avoid significant and costly repairs and other issues make it one of the best services you can invest in for the health of your entire home. Don’t negate your gutter maintenance and cleaning as it could prove to be very costly to do so. Hiring a company with a stellar reputation and a good guarantee on their servicing can do wonders for optimizing your home’s health.