What You Need to Know About Gutter Installation

Are you thinking about installing gutters in your home? Well, here is what you need to know about gutter installation and how much it will cost you.

Why Should You Install Gutters?

There are many benefits to installing gutters in your home. They include:

  1. For Roof Protection – When it rains, excess water is accumulated. Failure to drain it out will result in damage to your roof over a long term.
  2. To Preserve the Foundation – Gutters drain away the water from your house’s foundation. When it rains, the water is likely going to accumulate around the foundation of your home and weaken it.
  3. To Prevent Flooding in The Basement – If the water floods around your house after a rainfall, it will most likely get into the basement. As a result, you will have mold and mildew problems for a long time. Gutters drain the water away from the house to avoid basement flooding.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Gutters?

You should expect to pay between $1800 and $2400 to install gutters in your home. However, the cost varies depending on the material used.

  • For galvanized or aluminum gutters, the cost is about $4-$9 per linear foot.
  • Vinyl gutters which are easier to install cost around $3-$5 per linear foot.
  • Copper is the most expensive material for a gutter system with a linear foot going for $20.
  • Plastic gutters cost about $3-$5 per foot.
  • Wooden gutters cost around $16 per foot.
  • Steel gutters cost about $4-$8 per foot.

Other costs involved in the gutter installation process include:

  • Labor – If you decide to hire a gutter installation expert, you should expect to pay for labor.
  • Gutter drainage
  • Cleaning
  • Gutter guards
  • Downspout screens
  • Heat tape

Therefore, make sure you are within your budget when you choose to install gutters to avoid breaking the bank.

A Few Tips About the Gutter Installation Process

Now that you know how much it costs; you need to know a few things about the process itself. These include:

  1. Choose the Right Size – Gutters need to be large enough to drain the rainwater away from your home. If you choose small gutters, they will become overloaded with heavy rainfall. Also, they might cause structural damage for your home.
  2. Proper Spacing of The Gutter Hangers – These are used to keep the gutter system in place in the roof. If there is a huge space, the gutters will sag resulting in pooling of water. Gutter hangers should be placed every 3ft to provide proper support to the gutter system.
  3. Check the Pitch – The best installation also involves checking the angle at which the gutters are installed. The wrong angle will make sure that water moves slowly through the system. The gutters should be placed at a ¼ inch slope facing towards the downspouts after every 10ft.
  4. Placement Under the Roof Line – It’s not enough to hang gutters on the edge of the roof. They need to be a few inches lower than the roof to prevent any damage to the fascia boards or the siding on the roof.
  5. Seams – These are weak points in the gutter system that might cause leaks. Make sure your gutter system doesn’t have too many leaks. You can either choose a seamless gutter system or one with fewer seams to avoid any leaks.
  6. Placement of Downspouts – If your gutter system has fewer downspouts, there will be standing water as well as overloading during heavy rains. Also, if the downspouts are not placed properly, you are going to experience erosion around the area, insect infestation or structural damage. Fixing these issues will be an extra and unnecessary cost.
  7. Quality Materials – Weigh all the materials used for gutters and choose the best one. Don’t go cheap and spend a lot of money with gutter repair later.

How To Find The Best Gutter Installation Professionals Near Me

Gutter installation can be done as a DIY project. However, it’s ideal to hire the best gutter installation professionals to make sure the job is done properly. When looking for such professionals, check their expertise, experience, reputation, licensing and insurance to make sure they are qualified to handle your gutter installation project without any problems.